From student to designer – 10 questions with Rachel Nicholls


Introducing Rachel; our super talented, cinnamon scroll loving, gamer who joined the Creatik fam in April this year. We sat down and had a quick chat following her award win at the September Local Business Awards. Keeping in theme of Creatik’s 10th year, here are 10 quick Q’s with our Rach… 



You’re about to finish your Graphic Design studies at Enmore Tafe. What made you choose this course and career path?

I've always loved expression through art and performance. Being able to put thoughts or feelings into either something visual or into song is a special experience, not only for myself but also to connect with others.



Outside of graphic design, what’s another passion of yours?

When I'm not designing, you'll find me drawing, gaming, singing or watching horror movies.



Not only is this your first job in the industry, but your first ever job! How are you adjusting to the projects and studio environment?

It's a new experience and I'm loving it! I feel at home in the studio and think I've been adjusting quite well to professional work and getting along with the team.



If you weren’t a designer, what would your superpower be?

If I could choose any superpower, I'd want the ability to teleport. Mexico anyone? Bam, I'm there. Home? Done.



Favourite projects you can’t wait to dive into next year?

It's been great having a go at everything this year and I definitely have some favourites. I can't wait to get into more branding, packaging, web and illustration.



Do you have any favourite movies or TV shows?

Favourite TV show would no doubt be Game of Thrones! I love a lot of movies, my favourites are Star Wars, Marvel & DC and horror movies.



What is your favourite piece of work you’ll be showcasing at your end of year exhibition?

I find it really hard to pick favourites because I see all of my works as my children! I am a big fan of the colours and abstract shapes I used for the NIDA logo rebrand and how it allows to be adapted in different ways over pieces of collateral.



Favourite colour?

Bright aqua! Or in designer talk, somewhere around Pantone 3115 and 3125. You'll always find me in black, but black isn't technically a colour so...



Do you have any design inspirations?

Biggest inspiration is definitely street artist and activist, Banksy. Not only do I love his artworks, I love his fearless and controversial messages on social politics. To me, Banksy is the perfect example of how art can connect with people and make people stop and think.



What’s 10 things you can’t live without?

Family. Friends. Animals. Food. Music. Art. Video games. Internet. Technology. Socks.


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