10 easy ways to make your studio eco-friendly

By Kylie Gould

Saying the environment is important is one thing, but we all know actions speak louder than words. We've compiled 10 easy ways you can help keep your creative environment the right kind of green. 


1. Print only when necessary to review final designs and proof work. Set the print default to black & white and add paper recycling bins at printers and under desks. Use these bins for scrap paper and save the pretty notebooks. And of course, print on recycled paper. 

2. Save clients emails and supplied materials into online client folders instead of printing them.

3. Use an online job management tool and do away with unnecessary job sheets.

4. Deliver proofs, proposals and invoices electronically to save on paper and printing.

5. Present your credentials and portfolio pieces in a digital document. 

6. Recommend recycled paper to clients and speak to printers about new stocks and inks.

7. Turn off your computers every night. Yes, every. night. And reach for the window for some natural ventilation, you don't always need the A/C to cool things down.

8. Communicate with clients via email newsletters over printed materials. 

9. Purchase those carbon offsets for all airline tickets, use public transport for meetings and encourage staff to car pool to work.

10. Invest in some keep cups for the all important coffee runs. And don't forget to reuse the carry trays.