Top 10 things that make us … tik


Ten, Dix, Dieci, Diez, Dez, you get it.

Here’s the top ten things that make us …tik.



  1. A morning large skinny cap from Yaels (in my brightly coloured coral keep cup of course)

  2. Family. The kids, hubby, parents, in-laws, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, the whole crazy crew.

  3. Draper, our 9 year old Springer Spaniel. Drives me mental but life without him would be dull (and clean).

  4. The Ladies Lunch Club. Once every few months we leave the kids and partners at home and have a deliciously divine long lunch at a fabulous venue.

  5. Jensens. If I go missing, look here first. But wait a few hours before you start looking so I can enjoy it.

  6. Black and white. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE colour, but give me a strong monochrome design any day of the week and I’m sold.

  7. Greys Anatomy. 14 seasons in. Don’t judge.

  8. The portrait feature on my phone. Documenting my kids expressions has never been so easy.

  9. The bloody brilliant and extremely talented team of inspirational and extraordinary women that make up creatik. Words don’t do them justice.

  10. A big soft doughie white choc chip cookie. Paired with a coffee from point 1. Bliss.



  1. Yoga. To keep my back & head happy. Namaste!

  2. My mum, aka ‘Babcia’ (grandma). She is the bees knees & the cats pyjamas.

  3. My boys. The cuddles, the midnight bed shuffles, the endless crazy puns. ALL the chaos & ALL the joy.

  4. Friends. The ones who stuck with me during the crazy ‘sleepless baby’ stage, & the ‘fresh’ ones who feel like they have always been part of my life. They are worth their weight in gold.

  5. Books. Books. Books.

  6. Pockets on dresses.

  7. Being around inspiring, passionate, creative… & CREATIK people!

  8. Art “play” dates.

  9. Coffee. Makes everything else possible.

  10. Lists: To do. To read. Goals. Organising, prioritising, planning … Lists of lists. Case in point.


  1. Coffee. Yes I will form an orderly queue at Grind regardless because life is too short for bad coffee. I love that they see me coming and often have my coffee ready before I’ve even ordered.

  2. Sneaking into my bed with a gin and tonic on a Sunday arvo for a nanna nap. Sleep is under rated.

  3. Facetime, there are countless miles between our standalone little family here is Australia and our families in South Africa and Wales. The distance feels a little less after an impromptu Facetime call.

  4. Snuggles with the kids. One willing, one cactus-like but hey, I’ll take what I can get.

  5. Weekends down at ‘mermaids cove’ – our secret beach spot. Just love letting the kids roam free and potter in and around the sea.

  6. My roses. A few years back the Welshman decided to buy me a rose bush each birthday. I have 7 (lost 1 last year) and love stealing a few quite moments in my garden.

  7. My African roots are everything to me. I relish being able to dash back home to soak up the family feels, catch up with school mates and generally let mamma Africa seep back into me.

  8. Spotify and our growing collection of Bluetooth speakers. Life is a cabaret in our wee home.

  9. Fires, red wine, friends and weekend getaways. I’m a pyromaniac and design our getaways around the size and number of fire places 🔥

  10. Having a job I love, being surrounded by like-minded, positive and creative women who lift me up and enable me to do what I love.



  1. My boys, family and friends for adventures and laughs.

  2. My camera.

  3. Being near and in the ocean.

  4. Dancing. With friends, or in a class or in the kitchen. Sometimes you just need to dance it out!

  5. A creative project.

  6. Meditation.

  7. Notebooks for ideas.

  8. Travels both near and far to explore somewhere new.

  9. Looking at the moon, stars and tress and light filled rooms.

  10. Coffee.



  1. My Big Fat Greek Family. My family and friends are my number one. I’m so grateful for this crazy bunch.

  2. Culture. I love all the festivities and traditions that come with being Greek, from dying red eggs to dancing and smashing plates!

  3. Ocean. Morning swims in the ocean, watching the sunrise. It has great healing powers and keeps my spirit salty! I’m a true oceanholic.

  4. Travelling. There is no greater joy than exploring new places, learning about different cultures and having new experiences.

  5. Photos. They connect us to our past and remind us of people, places and moments.

  6. Music and dancing. If you need to find me, I’ll be on the dance floor.

  7. All things fitness. Every day I wake at 4.45am to join my fellow bootcampers for a killer session. It’s my medicine.

  8. Creativity and Creatik. The people, the experiences, the ability to use my creativity as a career.

  9. Disney. Pretty much any Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks movie. I love the stories, music and incredible animations. I know the words to almost every song.

  10. Messenger. I use it to chat to my family in Canberra, all day every day. I’ve got so many chat groups from my siblings to the immediate family, extended family and the list goes on.


  1. Coffee.

  2. Family, sister, parents and my girl friend Gretel.

  3. F45.

  4. Travel – (especially Cancun Mexico).

  5. Homeware/Furniture styling (through insta).

  6. Getting my nails done.

  7. RnB music.

  8. Makeup.

  9. Lumira Candles and Oils
    (Tonic of Gin, Tuscan Fig).

  10.  Fine Dining.



  1. Family & friends. My number 1 supporters and number 1 on my list.

  2. Animals. No matter if they are my own pets, someone else's or wild.

  3. Food. Keeping me alive and eating away my anxieties.

  4. Music. Always finds a way to say what I can't and in a sick jam too.

  5. Art. They say pictures paint a thousand words, and they really do.

  6. Video games. Living out fantasies and new worlds while practicing mad skills.

  7. Internet. My way to learn anything and connect with everyone, anytime.

  8. Socks. Comfy ‘lil feet covers cause feet are gross.

  9. Game of Thrones. Still waiting for Season 8! It's raw brutality keeps me grounded and fantasy gives me hope.

  10. Creatik. My second family who gave me the opportunity to have a creative career and grow as a designer.

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